Video Collaboration Services

We provide the right service for what your meeting requires.
There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to video meetings. So whether you’re calling someone on the fly, scheduling a meeting, or need extra assistance for an important call, AVE CONCRETE MEDIA provides the right service to match your meetings’ needs.


You can schedule your video meeting using Outlook or our web-based Portal.

Your Solution or Our Service
We can provide managed meetings on your enterprise solution or from our cloud-based infrastructure.

Call Launch & Monitoring
At the time scheduled we’ll launch the call, ensure everyone’s connected, and our systems monitor meeting. If an incident occurs, a conference producer is available to assist.

Our services are compatible with leading solutions from Polycom, Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya, and more.

Hybrid Meetings
Need managed endpoints and mobile users in the same video meeting? Our hybrid video meetings offer exactly that.


Concierge Services
Our conference producers will personally launch your meeting, greet the participants, adjust settings, and remain on the call as a muted participant to service your call.

Pre-Test Call
Time is money, so don’t start your meeting late. Our conference producers will launch the call ahead of the meeting to make sure all systems are go by the time the meeting starts.

Record your meeting for future playback or training. Our webcasting services allow you to stream your meeting to hundreds or even thousands of participants.

Endpoint Certification
We’ll test your endpoint on your conferencing infrastructure and/or on our Video Service Platform to ensure the best experience possible during your meetings.

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