Polycom EagleEye Director

Dock up to two Polycom EagleEye II or EagleEye III cameras in the Polycom EagleEye Director. This device intelligently controls how the cameras pan, tilt and zoom. Microphones in the Director’s base lets it locate who is speaking. The device can decide whether the person is talking to remote participants or someone else in the room, and then automatically zoom in on the speaker.

Two separate modes are supported by the Polycom EagleEye Director. Room view mode shows the entire meeting space before the camera zooms towards the speaker, and direct-cut mode is ideal for using both cameras to switch between two speakers within the same room. Rather than showing remote participants a static picture of your meeting room, this device brings a truly interactive experience to video conferencing.

Polycom EagleEye Director Quick Specs:

  • Connections: HDCI, USB, stereo Phoenix
  • Dimensions: 19.2″ x 25.3″ x 5.6″
  • Microphones: 7 built-in
  • Camera Bays: 2
  • Camera Compatibility:
    • Polycom EagleEye II & EagleEye III
  • System Compatibility:
    • Polycom HDX 9000, 8000, 7000 & 6000 series
    • Polycom Group 700, 500 & 300 series


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